Why is SEO Important?

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Most of the clients we work with are most concerned about the design of their websites, or getting as much of their content online. This is especially true for small businesses.

One key component of a successful business website is SEO.

You must have heard of it already by now. You might have seen an Ad on any number of the sites you visit, or have seen someone either praising or criticizing the efficacy of it. But it is undeniable that Search Engine Optimization is a primary concern of a good website developer.

When dealing with digital data, we’re used to being able to rely on absolute figures when counting what. However, if you ask anyone how many websites there are around the world now, no one will be able to tell you exactly how many. There are that many websites that even being totally digital data, we do not have an exact count of the number of websites there are today!

According to Netcraft, a UK-based research company, there are about 612 million websites now. Can you imagine how many that is?

As of March 2012. The rate of increase in the past couple of years is exponential!

When it comes to Internet Marketing, word of mouth and traditional advertising just does not cut it anymore. There are numerous channels to explore to make sure that your website reaches as many potential customers/clients as possible.

SEO should be a whole lot more important to small businesses, as they do not yet have as strong a following as their bigger and more established competitors. Growing a business relies heavily in bringing in more customers, and SEO needs to be the top go-to tool in achieving this.

The main aim of Search Engine Optimization is to help your website reach number one in the search results when a potential sales opportunity hits the search button on a search engine.

We can help you build an online presence that can bring you more potential sales.

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