Olga Villanueva Photography

The Challenge

The initial challenge with building a website for someone like Olga Villanueva Photography was one of priority. How do we make sure that her most important work are highlighted, but without sacrificing her other excellent work.

It was also critically important to present their work in an elegant way but without taking away from the creativity from each independent project.

It was also of significance to spotlight them as well traveled, highly experienced artists of their craft, whose extensive work work experience straddles a wide spectrum of settings and locations.

The Insight

Flexibility was the first order of the day in making sure that the site has an easy to navigate information structure, without sacrificing our content creators’ ability to feature recent and relevant projects.

It was crucial that – while the site needed to remain expressive and elegant – it remain as a platform on which the client’s exemplary work can be showcased. Subtle and clean design needed to be employed so as to avoid overshadowing content.

The Solution

The platform we designed for the client was one that employed clean edges and straight lines expressed in subtle colors. We wanted a website that would not devalue the creativity of the project. We also wanted to give our users an easy to navigate structure.

Whitespace also played a key role. Due to the density and volume of creative content availabel on any one page, a conventional grid layout would not suffice. A hybrid of both our specialization grid system, and multiple slide-in and slide-out content areas help create an engaging user experience.

  • Client: Olga Villanueva Photography
  • Industry: Photography
  • Platform: Website
  • Website: olga.ph