HJM Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic

The Challenge

HJM Aesthetics wanted to extend their reach to a wider audience by making use of social media and Internet marketing, with the goal of increasing inquiries. Lead generation through traditional and above-the-line media were no longer sufficient for business goals.

To make the investment in a full digital campaign feasible, we set our initial goal to increasing lead generation by 150%.

The Insight

Culturally, HJM Aesthetic’s local market has always been conservative in their opinions about cosmetic surgery and other procedures.

To overcome this, we needed a way to shift the attention of our target audience – from the historical and cultural stigma associated to the industry – to the fact that HJM Aesthetics employs the latest in technologies for both surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Supported by HJM Aesthetics’ professional history and customer service expertise.

The Idea


The large volume of information that HJM Aesthetics had on hand was primarily medical in nature. We reworked all of this in such a way that it was more easily understood generally.

Reorganized information

Beautiful Media

Through professionally-executed production, we developed a series of photographs and other media that helps “soften” the idea of cosmetic surgery. We wanted to bring the readers away from the idea of surgery, and present their options with their goals at the forefront.

Social Media Presence

We then created a presence across various relevant social media platforms, building around our newly developed information and media paradigm.

HJM - Social Media Presence

The Results

For 24 days after the launch of the campaign, we carefully monitored and and analyzed statistical results.

Page views in 1 week
minutes average dwell time
people reached at launch
Organic Likes in 1 week
% boost in daily bookings in 2 weeks