Aikido Western Australia

The Challenge

The Aikido Organization of Western Australia was looking for a way to revitalize their image. With interest growing among younger audiences, they wanted their Online Presence to reflect Aiki Kai’s long-held tradition of dignity and discipline, while at the same time be attune with the current times.

  • Client: Aikido Western Australia
  • Industry: Sports/Martial Arts
  • Platform: Website & Internet Marketing
  • Website:

The Insight

Initially, Aikido WA was under the impression that their goal – revitalize their image while remaining true to their core values – was unachievable without sacrificing significantly part of the two components.

We thought that this was not the case. Confident that the latest trends in aesthetic values in media was leaning towards simplicity and minimalism, we turned to the Japanese culture for guidance.

The Idea

We came up with an innovative website design that borrowed and took inspiration from historically important Japanese elements. Keeping in mind that we wanted modernism to be one of the pillars of this new aesthetic identity, we kept our eyes on the more subtle visual elements.

The Results

Using the most recent strides in minimalist typography and visual design, we were able to achieve a unique and effective balance between modernity and traditionalism.